Your Critical Care Team

Critical Care

Inpatient rehabilitation services are provided through our rehabilitation hospitals located in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Your Critical Care Team

At Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexicowe provide our patients with 24-hour nursing and respiratory care services under daily physician management. We tailor our medical services to the complex needs of our patients, creating a personalized plan of care that is guided by the patient’s attending physician and coordinated with consulting specialists when necessary.

Our medical team is led by our full-time medical director and includes specially trained physicians, nurses, therapists, specialists, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. Members of our staff have voluntarily earned—and continue to maintain—advanced certifications, providing them in-depth knowledge and proficiency so they can deliver exceptional care to our patients.

These certifications include:

  • Neuro-IFRAH certifications to treat and manage adults who have suffered brain injuries or strokes.
  • Critical Care Registered Nursing certifications reflect the dedication to provide direct bedside care to acutely and/or critically ill patients and their families.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support certifications demonstrate the knowledge and skills in clinical interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke and other life-threatening medical emergencies.

Depending on your specific medical needs, your critical care team may include:

Critical Care Physician

A physician will lead the treatment team by delivering a personalized and progressive plan of care for you. Depending upon your specific medical needs, you may be seen by other physicians as well to guarantee your treatment is complete and to maximize your recovery.

Critical Care Nurse

Along with other team members, your primary nurse will manage your treatment and personalize your plan of care based upon your medical needs. In addition to the primary nurse, patient care technicians will provide physical care and assist with hygiene to maximize your comfort.

Case Manager

Your case manager, together with your physician, ensures that your needs are met at Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico. In addition to providing you and your family with progress reports, the case manager coordinates your discharge needs and planning. Your case manager also is available to discuss your insurance coverage and billing questions.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Your physical therapist helps you to work on any problems that you may have with weakness, lack of mobility, movement, balance and stamina. Your occupational therapist will assist you with learning to carry out activities of daily living, including eating and meal preparation, personal hygiene, dressing and housekeeping.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Your speech-language pathologist assists you with any problems that may hinder your ability to read, write, speak, swallow, understand, or focus that may have occurred because of your medical condition.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists provide you with specialized treatments and pulmonary support to help treat your medical condition. If you are on a ventilator, respiratory therapists help to wean you off of the ventilator if possible.


Your dietitian ensures that your therapeutic diet provides you with the necessary nutrition to help with your course of therapy. As you progress, the dietitian works with your speech-language pathologist to advance your diet safely. Your dietitian also provides you and your family members with educational guidelines to follow when you return home.

Clinical Pharmacist

The clinical pharmacist works closely with the physician and nurses to manage your medication needs.

Other Health Care Professionals

Other health care professionals are available to join your medical team as indicated by your health needs and goals.

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