Phoebe Ruffier

Success Story

Phoebe Ruffier is an enthusiastic video game player who loves her 11-year-old Maine Coon cat. She grew up in Washington State and Canada and has a passion for travel. Phoebe has worked as a ballet leader at a community center and as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Unfortunately, in 2008, she was in an accident that caused severe injuries leaving her in a wheelchair.

This past December, Phoebe was admitted to Advanced Care Hospital of Southern New Mexico (ACHSNM) for pneumonia and respiratory failure, which also caused her to suffer from hallucinations. Although she can’t recall the first few weeks of her stay at ACHSNM, she says she appreciates that the staff has taken excellent care of her and continues to do so.

Occupational therapists Katie and Micah have played a crucial role in Phoebe’s recovery. They encouraged her to walk again and helped in assisting with her pain so that she could resume her online activities and connect with her friends.

“The entire staff at ACHSNM has been kind and encouraging, working together to support my recovery, especially Katie,” Phoebe says. “She has been positive and has worked closely with me to regain my strength.”

Phoebe is motivated to go home and take care of her beloved cat. She looks forward to relocating to her next home, where she can continue to work on her health and her activities of daily living, like cooking.

“ACHSNM encourages and inspires me to set goals and to never give up,” she says.

Phoebe is an exceptional person who eagerly participates in the therapies recommended to her. Her remarkable drive has led her to be referred for inpatient rehabilitation at the nearby Ernest Health facility, Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern New Mexico, to continue her journey toward recovery. The staff at ACHSNM looks forward to her continued story of recovery.